How are you? This is Sam, one of your best customers. I wanted to check on you, and make sure that all of you made it through [Hurricane Matthew] OK. Just to let you know, I was very worried about the pool screen enclosure. When I lived in South Florida, after a hurricane, I saw many screen enclosures severely damaged, some even blown away completely.

Mine was not even scratched. No rips, no tears, nothing. I am amazed. I don't have to tell you how bad the hurricane was here in Palm Coast. I kept looking out the back and saw the wind passing through the screen and things hitting it at 75+ miles per hour and I was very worried, but like I said, it held up great! Just thought I'd let you know. Anyway, take care and thank you again!

P.S. Feel free to share this with your customers!

Samuel Gam
Palm Coast, FL

Dear Blake, just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for a job well done. Our screen held up through the hurricane [Matthew] due to your quality workmanship. I am recommending you and your company to anyone who is looking for your line of work.

We were extremely pleased when the project was completed. The clean up your crew did was amazing as well as the workmanship. It's nice to know that there exists quality contractors such as your company.

Paula Rossiter

I was promptly contacted within an hour, once I requested my quote appointment. They called me just prior to my appointment, as per my request :) Neither of the other two contractors which were listed bothered to even respond to my quote request.

I'm happy to refer Miller's Screen to anyone needing this service [Install or Repair Door or Window Screens]...they were totally courteous and professional...Definitely use this company again...

Susan M, Port Orange, FL


Miller's Screen is one of the very best contractors we have ever hired. Five guys are just finishing up our Florida room as I type this. They got here first thing this morning and said they would do the whole room in a day and they will certainly be true to their word. The heat is out of control and they have not stopped to hardly even wipe their sweat. Blake came out, immediately, to look the job over when we first called. He has not skipped a beat with his time frame, showing up to do the job exactly when he said he would. The quality of work is superior and they even kicked in a few extra things for us. All the men he has working for him are hard working, polite and conscientious. A great job, thank you!!!!!!

Pamela A, Port Orange, FL

Dear Miller’s Screen:

Thank you so much for your prompt service & fitting us in your schedule so that we would have the screen repair completed before our house sale closes next week.

We appreciate your efforts to make this happen, as well as your follow-up communication. With this kind of service, we will be very happy to recommend your company to anyone who is in need of screening repair.

Thank you!
Debbie & Dave Adey

Blake, Chip & Rick:

Please see below the comments from Mr. and Mrs. Hendry. On behalf of all of us, you deserve the praise and [then] some. We know [sic] each other close to 30 years and we can’t say enough about you. Thank you for the way you treat our clients and our company. You help us be the company we strive to be.

Mike, Micky, Judd, Diane, Karen
Ohanu Waters

To say we are pleased with the work is an understatement. [Miller’s Screen] came, measured and then precut much of the frame offsite. The design was great with large front and side “windows” that allow more of our water view to be unhindered. The safety cable system required because of the retaining wall height is thin, tight and designed to eliminate any wire noise issues. The design itself was outstanding. The assembly work has been excellent as well. As a customer it is clear to me [Miller’s Screen] is not only good at what they do, they are proud of the end product.

I would recommend them without hesitation.
Alan Hendry

I am extremely happy with the results from Miller’s Screen. They were very professional and knew what they were doing. It only took a couple days to complete my pool enclosure. The price was very competitive and future needs for screening will be performed by Miller’s Screen. Even my neighbor stopped by after the work was complete and asked for their number, he said he has never seen a group of guys work as quick and efficient as they did.

Way to go Miller’s Screen!!!!!
Dan Boggs